Our Environment and
OHS Policy

WE work with all our might to meet our own needs without compromising the needs of future generations.

Elektrik Taahhüt Mühendisligi

Environmental Policy

Our company aims to create value for society by adopting environmentally friendly policies and following sectoral developments in order to promote the use of renewable energy sources. Thanks to our team who has great experience in the sector and closely follows scientific developments, our goal is to provide the best services. We carry out our activities following the environmental regulations as well as our corporate environmental policy based on an environmentally friendly approach. 

Our goals are: 

  • to comply with the environmental legislation regulations related to our activities,
  • to pay attention to recycling,
  • to enhance environmental protection with the principle of sustainability,
  • to ensure that our employees, suppliers, and subcontractors have awareness towards environment and regulations, and
  • to ensure the environmentally friendly recycling of wastes.

Elektrik Taahhüt Mühendisligi

Our Occupational Health and Safety Policy

  • To comply with the legal regulations and regulations related to occupational health and safety,
  • To ensure continuous improvement by ensuring compliance with occupational health and safety criteria during activities,
  • To give priority to minimizing occupational accidents by determining the preventive measures for occupational accidents,
  • To provide trainings in order to ensure that our company employees and subcontractors are aware of their individual OHS responsibilities.