Quality Policy

Frekans Elektrik is always in a service understanding that complies with quality, occupational safety and environmental standards.

Our Quality Policy

Frekans Elektrik shows required care and attention to keep quality and performance in the highest level. By adopting customer satisfaction as a principle, it provides service with right solution within the needs of latest technology. Key element of its quality understanding rests upon the fact that it always acts in a manner uncompromisingtechnical requirements and necessities in compliance with national and international standards under all circumstances, and even it takes these standards one step further. 

Our Quality Policy;

  • Employee / Customer Satisfaction 
    Our company keeps its employees’ and customers' satisfaction first, and supports the development of its employees, and provides for them the most suitable working conditions with its functional organizational structure, educational and social opportunities.
  • Reliability 
    Our company acts with the merits of service continuity and reliability, and provides continuity of service by taking the service to the customer timely and completely.
  • Compliance with Laws 
    Our company operates in accordance with all legal requirements including overall quality, occupational safety and the environment. 
  • Respect for Nature 
    Our company supports recycling processes which will help to conserve natural resources for a clean, natural and livable environment. 
  • Continuous Development 
    Continuous development is a concept identified with operating principles and behaviors of Frekans Elektrik. Our company provides development and continuous improvement of the systemby evaluating its services, employees and processes.